Monday, February 7, 2011

Stranger Than Fiction.... and Fact.. and Really Anything Else.

The Stranger...
My most favorite book ever! (if you can't see the sarcasm dripping from my lips, there is a puddle on the ground of gooey and thick sarcasm) Now. Mrs. Leclaire, i know you will read this, so The Stranger is not an awful book. It is a good comparision to Crime and Punishment. But for my big question blog, it makes me want to... yeah.

Mersault is a man with no emotion, belief or conviction. He kills an arab that no one cares about. He parades his atheism about and believes in truth. Until he is sentenced to death. Death is what causes Mersault to (for once) look at his past and wonder what happened or why maman died and how he treated that whole situation. Mersault get 35 points for being a hollow and senseless man which contributes to his early demise. Analyzation of The Stranger may be over analyzation... The class decided it may just have to be taken at face value. DEATH causes poor (pitiful) Mersault to reflect upon himself... so cliche.

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