Monday, February 7, 2011

The Troubled Mind of a Troubled Murderer

Rodion Romanovic Raskolnikov. Law Student. Lover. Murderer of 2. Rodya kills two lowly women in their apartment to better his society. And gets off scott free. Crime and Punishment was a fantastic read. i thoroughly enjoyed it. It was stylistically pleasing and the story was intriguing.

A reflection upon Raskolnikov would reveal that although it appears to everyone else that he is innocent, Raskolnikov believes everyone knows he is guilty. He wears away at his own conscience, and turns himself in. What causes Raskolnikov to examine his deeds? His deteriorating sanity must have triggered that mechanism. Raskolnikov was slowly losing his mind to paranoia, yet still stayed out of the major goings on of the investigation until giving himself up. It is difficult to say one thing in particular made Rodya constantly examine himself, but clearly the murder and his overwhemingly guilty conscience finished him off. One's own psyche can also be the determining factor in what causes man to look in the mirror and challenge himself to see what he has done.

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